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23 September 2011 @ 05:43 pm
Song of the Moment: Nickelback "When We Stand Together"  
I have been waiting for new Nickelback music for the LONGEST time and this - THIS! - is my freaking JAM right now! I like this sound for them. The other track - "Bottoms Up" - is good, too, but THIS RIGHT HERE grabbed me the most.

Oh how I have MISSED new music with Chad Kroeger's voice on it. Words can't even describe.....

And Daniel Adair's drumming, especially from 2:18-2:27 followed by that heartbeat sample? HUIWHRIUHEWRWRKJEWR! I JUST CAN'T! I love how prominent the drums are in this track. I like songs like that.

That is my LJ update for the week.

Also, Season 8 of The Office premiered last night and it rocked. It rocked my face off. I've been bouncing off the walls because of how awesome it was. I totally forgot how much that show affects my mood for the day when a new episode blows my mind. I am SO glad that it's thriving without Steve Carell. No disrespect to him with that statement, obviously, he kicked ass from the beginning of his run to the very end of it, but The Office is my favorite show of all time - of ALL time - and I want it to continue to succeed without him. I am emotionally invested in this show and I am extremely loyal to it, from when I became a fan during Season 4 to the very damn end. That is all that needs to be said.
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